Core Values

Core Values

We believe in going an extra mile to meet our clients’ needs and expectations. With hands-on experience and trainings to grow personally and professionally we are always keen to provide the best possible outcome. Our creative team comprises diverse people who are enthusiastic, proactive and responsive. Above all, everyone here is encouraged to love what they do and reflect this in relationship with clients.

  • Be enthusiastic
  • Get involved/be engaged
  • Show your passion/ feeling
  • Share knowledge
  • Go beyond your clients’ needs and wishes
  • Be proactive

PKF TR Upadhya & Co., although, being managed and controlled independently, we treat all our fellow members’ clients as our own. Hence calling ourselves- advisors without borders. With strong personal relationships and utmost respect, we have managed to cultivate a team spirit that reflects well not only internally but also in our service to the clients.

  • Participate in common projects
  • Be responsive
  • Communication
  • Put yourself in the other's shoes
  • Share and use knowledge of others
  • Be prepared to show a favor
  • Sharing success/ improve weakness/ development areas

High customer and employee satisfaction is one of our primary objectives. This core value keeps us grounded to providing incredibly high quality of service. Our zeal is what sets us apart in the market. We diligently provide services in international standards adhering to local requirements. Constant reviews, questions and test compliances to the stringent requirements enable us to impart best services.

  • Be honest and involve experts if needed
  • Apply the highest standards of quality
  • Tailor clients’ needs and experience
  • Technical experience
  • Updated knowledge
  • Provide conclusion and recommendations
  • Follow up on clients’ enquiries

We believe in working with openness and transparency. Our approach being clear and concise helps us avoid jargons.

  • Clear deadlines
  • Clear communication
  • Clear budget
  • Be open and transparent
  • Tailor information to client’s needs
  • Be straight to the point
  • Provide understandable recommendations

Our individual voice defines us in our communities and local markets but our collective integrity is what sets us apart. Having mutual respect and recognition for all those representing member firms and a strong sense of support and encouragement we identify ourselves as members of a global community.

  • Be honest
  • Compliance
  • Know your client
  • Take responsibility
  • Disclose conflict of interest
  • Do not compromise our independence