About Us

About Us

PKF T R Upadhya & Co. ("PKF TRU"), a firm established in 1971 is a partnership firm established under the laws of Nepal. PKF TRU in Nepal has staff strength of over 100 professionals. In addition, many other staff with varied background work on contractual basis with the firm.

TRU, with over 50 years of continued professional service to Nepalese and international organizations, specializes in providing audit, tax, business and financial advisory services in Nepal. TRU's approach to service delivery helps to respond to client's complex business challenges. TRU aims to give its clients full access to the resources and infrastructure of a major firm. TRU is uniquely positioned to integrate in-depth expertise in international accounting and business practices with local know how. Our objective is to provide services of the highest possible standard to organizations in Nepal and also to bring an international perspective to the management of these organizations.

PKF TRU is active member firm of PKF International Limited.

PKF Global refers to the network of member firms of PKF International Limited, each of which is a separate and independent legal entity.  PKF International Limited coordinates activities of PKF Global but provides no services to clients, and does not accept any responsibility or liability for the actions or inactions of any individual member or correspondent firm(s). Correspondent firms are not members of PKF Global.

"PKF" and the PKF logo are registered trademarks used by PKF International Limited and member firms of PKF Global. They may not be used by anyone other than a duly licenced member firm of the network.

To know more about PKF Global, please visit website https://www.pkf.com/about/

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