Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) including family owned businesses are the backbone of the Nepalese economy and are characterized by the unity of management and ownership. These special features are also manifested in their specific objective which is not, as is the case with anonymous public corporations aligned to a short-term increase of goodwill or short-term profit maximization, but to the preservation of management and ownership structures as well as to the permanent continued existence of the SMEs and family-owned company. 

This strategic alignment requires a holistic consulting profile which, on the one hand, provides support for the company in the tax and auditing areas, but at the same time also places the interests of the shareholders /family at the centre of things. 

Consulting for SMEs and family-owned companies is therefore a special area on which we focus. Here the entrepreneurs and proprietors find the quality of consulting that they need for their company. 

TRU provides one stop solution for SMEs and family owned business with a single point of contact for all your service needs focusing on:

- Audit and assurance services

- Tax Services
• Corporate Tax
• International tax
• International Mobility Services
• Local Tax
• Owner managed business
• Tax Structuring
• VAT, Customs & Excise

- Advisory / consulting services
• NFRS for SMES - assisting in preparation of financial statement
• NFRS for SMES - training

- Business solutions
• Accounting system implementation
• Book keeping production of management reports, management info packs
• Payroll 
• Human Resource and employment advice 
• Compliance outsourcing services 
• Retainers services
• Budget modelling & financial forecast